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Middle School Genius Hour during Seminar

Students sign up to be a part of Genius Hour during their seminar time.  During Genius Hour students are able to pick something that they want to learn how to use/master and become an "expert" with it.  Some of the tools available are  various robotics, building materials, puzzles, coding programs and artistic supplies.

Battle of the Books Champions: Jayden Rechterman, Lynn Dyer, and Olivia Cowherd

Blind Date with a Book

Students were challenged to read a book without seeing its cover during the month of February.  Each bag contained a post it with the book theme and some of its central ideas.  Many students discovered some great books that they wouldn't have typically picked for themselves!

March: Youth Art Month

Community Mural

March was Youth Art Month.  In the library,  students and staff were able to contribute to a community mural that now hangs on the library wall.

            April: Poetry Month            Creating Book Spine Poetry

Grandview Library

Fourth and Fifth Grade Students Breakout using the Library Card Catalog

Fall Book Fair Success!

April is National School Library Month!

Teachers were challenged to create a display of their favorite book, book character or author and students were challenged to create their favorite book character from a potato.

Other Activities/Contests that I Organize

National Geographic Geography Bee for Grades 4-8

Scripps Spelling Bee for Grades 3-5

LEGO Robotics Club Sponsor

Art Club Co-Sponsor